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[직찍] Anydreams come true~ ^^MD
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For me, it's my dream came true to see the Anyband concert!! It’s a pity that I can’t see the performance in front of Junsoo. …but heat was also radiated from Junsoo’s back and immediately warmed the frozen me up! ^^ It's not allowed to miss every single smile of Junsoo! ++) With the help and wishes from many friends, I was finally able to see the ANYBAND CONCERT! This is a concert that I have desired for long!!! I’m sincerely thankful to my friends and also to Junsoo for letting me enjoy anyband!!! 너무 행복해~ 고마워!!!!! +++) It's allowed to move the pictures to anywhere there're people loving Junsoo! ^^ 출저 : 시아소울 by tingting  
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