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Note: Article on Reuters also published on a newspaer issued in England, talking about Dr.Jin, Jackal and Fanmeeting, etc.

JYJ member Kim Jae-joong (pic) is set to hold his solo fan meet in Taiwan late this month, according to his agency C-JeS Entertainment.

Dubbed “2012 Kim Jae Joon Fan Meeting In Taipei”, Kim will be joined by some 2,500 fans at the ATT Hall in Taipei on May 23.

At the event, Kim will share what he has been doing recently and memorable happenings during the shooting of his TV se­­ries Protect The Boss.

With Protect The Boss being a big hit in South Korea, he also plans to sing I’ll Protect You from the TV series’ soundtrack and play games with the local fans.

Kim’s series that aired on Taiwan’s GTV last month was so popular that the broadcaster and the show’s distributors are in negotiation to repeat the drama soon.

Aiming to strengthen his foothold in acting, Kim is prepping up for two projects: A TV series and a movie.

Teaming up with Hallyu actor Song Seung-heon and Sungkyunkwan Scandal’s lead actress Park Min-young, he is in the midst of shooting TV series Timeslip Dr Jin.

For the movie, Kim will also be playing a top singer in comedy The Jackal Is Coming opposite Song Ji-hyo. – Reuters




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