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TVXQ to resume careers in Japan

By Ryu Seung-yoon

Korean boy-band TVXQ will visit Japan in autumn in an attempt to resume their music careers after being mired by a legal battle with their management agency.

Japan's Daily Sports reported on Oct. 29 that TVXQ will come to Japan to participate in year-end TV programs.

The sports newspaper did not mention the Korean idol group's schedules in Japan, but said the group is expected to appear on major entertainment TV programs such as Japan's TBS record awards and NHK's song competition.

TVXQ's move came at a time when three of the five-member group is in a legal battle with their agency, SM Entertainment, over the validity of their contract. The three -- Hero, Micky and Xiah -- claim that the contract is unfair.

On Tuesday, the Seoul Central District Court said parts of the contract should be invalidated. The court also paved the way for the three to stay in the five-member group and continue with their solo activities.

Rumors had it that the boy band may be disbanded as the three are expected to leave SM Entertainment. The agency revealed its intention to appeal the case.

But news reports said that despite the legal battle, the group will unlikely be disbanded.

Fans are expressing stiff objection to a possible dispersal of the group.


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