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[SM 불공정 계약][영상] DBSK on Dutch television (네덜란드 TV)MD
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네덜란드 TV에서 방송된 동방신기 영상과 팬 인터뷰

DBSK on Dutch television

 출처:  YouTube  HolyMolyPizzaPan  (2010-10-29)

yay~ moar dutch cassies
my vegas is being a bitch, i'm sorry guys
i'll try to find a solution for the lagging sound problem, but in the meantime this'll have to do

i'm so proud of our boys♥
they're finally getting recognized~ and damn do they deserve it

i might sub it...if i feel like it
it guess it must be annoying if you don't understand what they're saying, i made a rough translation of the vid, sorry for my crappy english, but'll get the jist of it


now this is such pleasant dutch carillon music, but have you ever heard of the south korean boyband dong bang shin ki?
i have, but only because 2 girls here in the efteling (dutch theme park) have told me who they are, and they are 2 hu~ge fans

yes, they've started since about 6 years ago

and you are both fans?
yes, once became fans, and like that met each other on a forum

and how do you become a fan? or how do you find such things?

and what was their name?
dong bang shin ki

dong bang shin ki... never heard of them
have you ever been to their concert?
no, we don't have that much money (but we want to)

and they don't come here?
nonono, the people in the us are pretty lucky, since they go there sometimes,, europe doesn't exist for asians

what is it, since you said you found them on youtube, what did you think about them? what do you like so much about them?
in my case i started watching more vids about them, and because there are lots of international fans, most of the videos are subbed,
so you start watching their shows, and later on.... they do a lot of different stuff, like acting in movies, so you start watching those

so they don't just sing?
they don't just sing, no, they also do a little bit of acting, and the pop culture in south korea is huge, so they're not the only boyband that's active there,
there are a lot of them, and because of the huge pop culture, and there are a lot of shows focusing on korean artists,
so like what we have in the netherlands, shows with normal dutch people who do normal stuff (LMAO),
they focus on idols, there are a lot of them anyway

but they are real stars in korea?
yes, they are actually the biggest in asia
they're an all-round package, they can sing, they can dance, they can act...a little, not really
in most boybands there is maybe one that can sing, and the others can dance a little, but dbsk does everything
all of them can sing, all of them can dance

and that is something you don't find in an dutch band?
i think it's because they haven't changed
it's like they're just starting, they've been around for 6 years already, but it's like they're still learning

and why is that?
they just stay humble, it's so weird, they're still fans of others, and they'll be like "oh~ it's that person", while they're actually just as popular, but they don't know that...

and how far does this fandom go? it seems to me you know quite a lot about them. how far does this go?
it's more like supporting them, buying their albums, buying their dvds, participating in projects on internet to show them our support

what are their songs about?
in their songs?
love, most of the time...
yes, love, the non existence of love, breaking up, but also society matters, that they're worried about the world

are they good looking?

that's also one of the reasons you're a fan?
nya, i have to say, i fell for them because of their personalities, at first i was like "ew~ but he's still funny"

i still think it's special you're fans
yeah, but it's really funny, we're not the only ones, they have huge fanclubs in the us, the european forum has like 1000+ fans as well

in korea they still have the largest fanbase, a few of them have left, but it's still something like 780k people
they were also in the guinness book of world records, the largest fanbase in the world


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   미국에도 큰 팬클럽이 있고, 유럽에도 1000명 이상의 팬이 있다고 합니다. 
   네덜란드에도 이렇게 열성팬분들이 계셨네요.   

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